WIM-style deposits are located predominantly in the Wimmera and Mallee regions of western Victoria. These large, long life deposits contain mineral sands, including significant quantities of zircon, and rare earths. Because of the fineness of their mineral content, development of the WIM-style deposits is technically challenging. 

Iluka is in the pre-feasibility phase for the Wimmera Mineral Sands project, south west of Horsham. Under the Environment Effects Act 1978 Iluka is required to prepare an environment effects statement (EES) to assess the potential environmental impacts of the project. The EES will require Iluka to conduct a number of studies including, but not limited to, biodiversity and habitat, water catchment and hydrology, visual and environmental amenity, social impact and cultural heritage. More information on the EES can be found at www.planning.vic.gov.au/environment-assessment/browse-projects/projects/wimmera-mineral-sands.
Iluka is also undertaking technical studies regarding the commercial viability of the project. This involves pursuing technical advancements in current processing techniques to ensure the Wimmera product meets market requirements.

More information can be found at www.iluka.com/engage/wimmera

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Visit our community engagement site engage/wimmera to find out more and have your say about the project.  
If you have any feedback about the Wimmera project you would like to provide to Iluka, please email:
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