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A quick reference guide to key documents for investors. 

Historical physical and financial data (Excel)
Download Excel spreadsheet of five year historical physical and financial data.

Earnings in a period reflect the difference between revenue and cost of goods sold.

Iluka typically provides an outlook on cash and non-cash costs of production (operating depreciation and amortisation), as well as finished goods production volumes, which in periods of low and stable inventory levels will be a proxy for cost of goods sold.

In periods where inventory movements are significant, the below set of calculations can be used to estimate inventory movement from sales, unit cost of goods sold and D&A.

Mineral sands industry (PDF)
Overview of the mineral sands industry, including zircon and titanium major producers, downstream markets, end applications and demand indicators.

Mineral sands technical information (PDF)
A detailed explanation of the mineral sands industry, including exploration, extraction and processing. 

Ore reserves and mineral resources (PDF)

Summary of Iluka’s Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources.  Deposit level detail available in 2016 statement.

2020 Ore reserves and mineral resources (PDF)

Cataby Site Visit Presentation (PDF)
1 November 2019

2019 Investor Day Briefing (PDF)
31 October 2019

Jacinth-Ambrosia site visit presentation (PDF) 
31 October 2018. 

2017 Investor day presentation (PDF)
Presentation to equity market.