The Eneabba operation involves the extraction, processing and sale of a strategic monazite-rich mineral stockpile that is currently stored in a former mining void at Eneabba, Western Australia.

Iluka is approaching Eneabba’s development incrementally with a view to maximise value and take a measured approach to risk.

Screening Plant - Phase 1 (Operational)

Phase 1 involves simple reclaim and screening of material stored in the former mining void at Eneabba. The operation produces a 20% monazite-zircon concentrate. Sales commenced in Q3 2020.

Phase 1 provides Iluka with a low risk, low cost, high return entry into the rare earths market.

Concentrator - Phase 2 (Execute)

Phase 2 of the Eneabba operation will further process the reclaimed material to separate the monazite and zircon streams, producing a 90% monazite concentrate and zircon products.

The project has Board approval and is in execute phase, with commissioning scheduled for H1 2022.

Rare Earths Refinery - Phase 3 (Feasibility Study)

Iluka is currently expediting a feasibility study for a fully integrated rare earths refinery at Eneabba. If developed, the refinery will produce separated rare earth oxides. Beyond the Eneabba stockpile, Iluka’s Wimmera project could serve as long life rare earth concentrate feed source  to the Eneabba refinery.

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