The Wimmera project's primary focus is the WIM 100 deposit, one of a number of similar style, fine grained deposits located in the Wimmera and Mallee regions of Western Victoria. The deposit is distinguished by the fineness of its mineral content, which is unsuitable for processing at Iluka’s Hamilton mineral separation plant. As such, the project encompasses the development of both mining activities and new processing facilities. The project is currently in pre-feasiblity phase.

Under the Environment Effects Act 1978 Iluka is required to prepare an environment effects statement (EES) to assess the potential environmental impacts of the project. The EES will require Iluka to conduct a number of studies including, but not limited to, biodiversity and habitat, water catchment and hydrology, visual and environmental amenity, social impact and cultural heritage.

More information on the EES can be found at www.planning.vic.gov.au/environment-assessment/browse-projects/projects/wimmera-mineral-sands.



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Stakeholder Engagement

Community Information Session 1
Community Information Session 2


Who is Iluka?
What is the WIM100 deposit?
What will be mined?
What is zircon?
What is titanium dioxide?
What are rare earths?
What is a test pit?
What is the proposed mining method?
How big will the development be?
Why can’t the plant at Hamilton be re-used?
How long will the project go for?
What stage is the project at?
Will the project require government approval?
What are the key environmental issues?
Are there formal opportunities to provide feedback on the project?
Has Iluka spoken with affected land owners?
Will the project lead to employment opportunities for locals?


Environmental assessment
2 years
Approval by Iluka board
Approval to progress to DFS and government approvals
2 years
25 years
1 year
Post closure and rehabilitation
14 years
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