Iluka’s existing Eneabba operation involves the extraction, processing and sale of mineral separation by-products stored in the mine void at Eneabba. 

Phase 1
The by-product is extracted from the mine void and processed into a mineral sands concentrate (MSC) containing 21.5% monazite, 23% zircon and 32% ilmenite. The first shipment of product was shipped from Geraldton Port in early July 2020.

Phase 2
Iluka has commenced consruction of a new plant to undertake further processing of the MSC for Phase 2 of the project. The result of this process will be a product containing an 80 to 90% monazite concentrate and a heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) containing zircon and ilmenite.

The HMC will be feedstock for Iluka’s Narngulu operations near Geraldton and will be similar to material that is already processed there. The monazite will be packaged at Eneabba before being transported by road to Narngulu for export via Geraldton Port.

The monazite will be packed into specially designed two-tonne bulka-bags, wrapped in plastic, and secured onto pallets by a fully automated packaging plant before being placed in 20-foot fully sealed custom sea containers. Waste products will be stored at depth in the regulated clay fines dam and appropriately capped with benign material.

Phase 3
In January 2021, Iluka commenced a feasibility study for Phase 3, the development of a fully integrated rare earths refinery at Eneabba. Located at the current Eneabba mineral sands mine site, the plant would use the monazite feedstock from Eneabba Phase 2, along with other sources of rare earth mineral concentrate, as feed material.


Eneabba project 
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Who is Iluka?
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Feasibility study
One year
Execution and construction
Two years
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