The Eneabba operation currently involves the extraction, processing and sale of a historical monazite-rich mineral stockpile. As outlined below, the project is being undertaken in a phased approach.

Phase 1 - Screening Plant (Complete)
Iluka commenced Phase 1 operations in April 2020, involving the recovery/mining of stockpiled monazite and processing through a small-scale washing plant. A 20% monazite and mineral sands concentrate is then exported via Geraldton Port.

Phase 2 - Concentrator (Under Construction)
Building on the success of Phase 1, Iluka received Ministerial approval in April 2021 to commence an upgrade to the operation’s processing facilities. Phase 2 is currently under construction, with commissioning scheduled for the first half of 2022.

This will involve construction and operation of new plant that will separate  mineral sands heavy mineral concentrate, which will be further processed at Iluka’s Narngulu site; and a rare earth heavy mineral product consisting mainly of monazite, which is suitable as a direct feed to a rare earths refinery.

Phase 3 - Eneabba Rare Earths Refinery (ERER) (Feasibility Study)
In January 2021, Iluka commenced a feasibility study for Phase 3, the development of a fully integrated rare earths refinery at Eneabba. Located at the current Eneabba mineral sands mine site, the plant would use the monazite feedstock from Eneabba Phase 2, along with other sources of rare earth mineral concentrate, as feed material.

*UPDATE 14 January 2022 –  ERER Environmental Referrals Decisions
Iluka Resources advises that both the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE) have notified their decisions on the ERER project.
On 10 January 2022, the EPA published its determination to ‘Not Assess’ the project.  The EPA determination can be viewed online here. This means the project will be regulated via Part V of the Environmental Protection Act  1986  (Works Approval and Clearing Permit) and the Radiation Management and Waste Management Plans.  The EPA determination is subject to a public appeals period, which closes on 31 January, 2022.  More information about the appeals process, including how to lodge an appeal, is available on the EPA’s website.
On 12 January 2022, DAWE published its determination on the referral under Section 75 of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999. The DAWE determination can be viewed online here. DAWE determined the referral to be ‘Not a Controlled Action’, which means subject to final investment decision and other environmental approvals, that Iluka can proceed with the construction of a rare earth refinery at the existing Eneabba Mine Site. 
We would like to thank community members and stakeholders who participated in engagement activities leading to the two government referrals and we look forward to ongoing engagement.


Eneabba project 
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