Graduate and Vacation Programs: Australia

Throughout our Australian operations we have a world of opportunities where your innovation and drive can add value to our business.
Iluka Resources is an international mineral sands company with expertise in exploration, development, mining, processing, marketing and rehabilitation. The company also has an emerging position in rare earth elements (rare earths). Our purpose is to deliver sustainable value.
With over 3000 direct employees, our people are the foundation of our business and are vital to our success now and into the future. Iluka offers a safe, empowering and inclusive work environment that is as diverse as the communities in which we operate.
Our Graduate and Vacation opportunities will provide you with practical and hands on experience where you can apply current studies into practice.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into practical use. To see a problem fixed because of test work conducted was extremely rewarding and it feels like my time at University is starting to pay off.”

 Vasil Novachov - Metallurgy Vacation Student, Cataby

“The foundations I have gained in this time have been invaluable, and I will continue to value learning experiences as I build my career.
Thank you to everyone who helped me in some way – whether it was transferring valuable knowledge or simply showing me how to use the hot water tap or printer. It’s these small touches that make someone feel as welcome as I did.”

Christelle Smith - Human Resources Vacation Student, Perth

Vacation Programs

Iluka is inviting university students in their penultimate and final year of tertiary study to participate in our Winter and Summer internship programs. The Winter internship is a 4 week vacation program and the Summer internship is a 12 week vacation program.

You will have the opportunity to put into practice the theory you have learned and be exposed to a wide variety of duties, plus the opportunity to work on real projects in a collaborative environment that will further develop your existing knowledge base and skills.

Further opportunities are available to progress to a graduate role or another vacation position if you are still studying.
Click to apply to Iluka’s internships.

Applications close: 17 April 2022

Graduate Programs

Our graduate roles are permanent full time positions, that involve a comprehensive two year graduate program designed to empower and enable you to make a real difference at Iluka and a positive impact to your career.  
With the support of our experienced employees to guide and mentor you, our graduate program is designed to provide the best experience and to further develop your existing knowledge and skills. 
The program is structured around four rotations and you will be given the opportunity to work across some of our locations throughout Australia.  The program will commence February 2023.
What you can expect: 

  • A combination of theory and practice to assist with your development, competency and knowledge in the field.
  • A company committed to safety who actively protect our environment and are a leading sustainability performer. 
  • Be empowered to achieve outcomes through training, trust and responsibility.
  • Exposure to both technical and management pathways. 

Click to apply to Iluka’s 2023 Graduate roles.

Applications close: 24 April 2022

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