Iluka’s success is linked to our relationships with neighbours and stakeholders, whose priorities and expectations of us vary widely. We seek to engage early in open, inclusive and meaningful communication and incorporate stakeholder views into our decision-making processes. Through effective stakeholder engagement, we aim to understand and meet community and stakeholder expectations.

Iluka engages with a diverse range of stakeholders. We seek to adapt our engagement with stakeholders based on their needs and our business requirements. We have a team of professionals across our projects and operations who are responsible for managing stakeholder engagement. Support and subject matter expertise is provided by our Communities team. In addition to our engagement activities, stakeholders can contact us via community feedback processes. 

Our stakeholders
Our stakeholders and their interests are identified, analysed and mapped to inform impact and risk assessments and social management plans. All sites and projects are required to establish a process to ensure affected stakeholders receive relevant up-to-date information, are provided with opportunities to express their views on decisions that may affect them, and that these views are considered in decision-making processes.

Social incidents
Social performance data
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