Iluka conducts Social Impact Assessments for all major development activities and conducts periodic social surveys and studies to inform our social management plans.

Iluka follows a risk-based approach to understand and minimise negative social impacts. Conversely, we actively seek to enhance positive impacts and work collaboratively with our host communities.  

Sharing benefits with communities

As well as managing any potential negative impacts, Iluka seeks to optimise positive impacts and create lasting benefits for local and regional communities where we are present. 

In 2019 Iluka made more than $4 million of voluntary contributions and statutory payments for social and economic development. A range of in-kind provisions are also made to support local communities. This includes support of disease prevention in the local community by Sierra Rutile clinic staff, as well as a wide range of volunteering activities by Iluka staff globally.

Iluka is improving the ability of local communities to access employment and procurement opportunities. Sierra Rutile’s local sourcing initiative, developed in 2019, aims to increase local procurement by working with and developing potential Sierra Leonean companies to provide a sustainable source of supply to meet Sierra Rutile requirements. Sierra Rutile’s workforce is now made up of 98% Sierra Leoneans, and initiatives are planned to develop capacity within local communities to increase the proportion of employees that are from the local chiefdoms.
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