Inclusive workplaces

We respect and encourage workplace diversity and aim to create a flexible and inclusive working environment which assists employees to balance their responsibilities. The Executive promotes awareness of diversity and inclusion and integrates those principles into company activities, including recruitment, training, talent management and employment policies.

Australian employment and diversity targets

In 2018, our People and Performance Committee approved continuation of measurable objectives for gender and Aboriginal diversity relating to Iluka’s Australian operations. Our target is to achieve 30% female participation and 8% Aboriginal participation in the workforce by 31 December 2023. At the end of 2019, female participation was 25% and Aboriginal participation 7%.

In 2019, we implemented a Diversity and Inclusion Working Group for our Australian operations, chaired by the Managing Director. The key objectives of the group are to champion and influence the diversity and inclusion strategy, and identify opportunities to create a more inclusive workplace.

Diversity and inclusion work plan

Sierra Leone local employment and diversity

We strive to maximise local employment at Sierra Rutile, with 98% of our workforce being made up of Sierra Leoneans. Our commitment to employing locally is guided by the Sierra Rutile Local Content Policy and the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency Act (2016).

Wherever possible, we also seek to engage local companies and suppliers to support economic development in the region. This has included engaging local service providers for implementing coaching and development programmes.

As part of our partnership with the IFC in Sierra Leone, IFC advisory mission conducted a number of employee workshops focused on diversity in 2019, leading to the formation of a multi-stakeholder Gender Task Force with representatives from different areas and levels within Sierra Rutile.

The Sierra Rutile Women’s Group has been actively involved in a schools mentorship programme with a focus on teenage pregnancy. The mentorship programme started with training for students and teachers which was followed by the formation of peer mentorship groups. The Sierra Rutile Women's Group has also organised the distribution of learning materials to schools in the local chiefdoms.

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