Our sustainability approach spans six pillars:

Health and safety

We strive to protect the health and safety of our people through identifying risk and taking appropriate action to eliminate workplace fatalities and minimise injuries and illnesses.


We seek to attract and retain the best people while building and maintaining a diverse, inclusive and high-achieving workforce. 

Social performance

We respect human rights, engage meaningfully with stakeholders and look to make a positive difference to the communities where we operate whilst minimising and managing potential impacts. 


We seek to manage our impact on the environment, use resources efficiently and leave positive rehabilitation and closure outcomes.

Governance and integrity

We conduct our business by adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance whilst acting with integrity by being transparent and honouring our commitments. 

Economic responsibility

We aim to create sustainable economic outcomes, which allow us to share economic benefits with our host communities and deliver sustainable value.

Voluntary commitments

To inform our sustainability approach we participate in a range of voluntary global initiatives. We are also working to align our business practices globally with a series of best practice standards and principles. These demonstrate our commitment to high standards of social, environmental and governance performance; and support transparent disclosure to our stakeholders.


Iluka and International Finance Corporation (IFC) Partnership

lluka and IFC entered into a strategic partnership in relation to Iluka’s Sierra Rutile operation in 2019, which included IFC acquiring a partial stake in Sierra Rutile. IFC – part of the World Bank Group – is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. In addition to IFC’s investment in Sierra Rutile, the partnership includes a multi-year, jointly funded community development programme to support communities in the area Sierra Rutile operates. IFC will also develop complementary activities at the sector level to support development of responsible mining in Sierra Leone. The partnership has the shared objective of extending the life of Sierra Rutile’s operations significantly, bringing economic benefits to the region and Sierra Leone more broadly.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals define a set of universal targets to address global sustainability challenges. The 17 goals were adopted by United Nations Member States in 2015.

The goals span across economic development, social inclusion and environmental conservation, and their success is dependent on collaboration between governments, business and communities.

Through our initiatives and activities Iluka contributes to the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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