To ensure the continued safety of our people, contractors, suppliers and the communities where we operate, we:

  • empower all our people to actively contribute to making their workplace safe and intervene when they observe an activity that is unsafe;
  • identify, assess and control fatality risks;
  • set performance targets;
  • invest in our leadership training; and
  • prequalify our contractors to ensure they are selected, engaged and managed to meet Iluka’s performance requirements.

Iluka’s total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) decreased from 3.5 to 2.9 in 2019, with four less injuries than 2018. Within that overall total recordable injury reduction are lost time injuries (LTIs) which reduced from 10 in 2018 to one in 2019. Notably, Sierra Rutile achieved a 12-month milestone without a lost time injury.

The reduction in severity of injuries recorded is in part attributable to improvements in injury management processes at Sierra Rutile, with increased numbers of medical professionals and investment in additional equipment such as haematology analytical equipment, x-ray and ultrasound machines. Additionally at Sierra Rutile there has been a significant investment in the implementation of a robust patient and injury management system.

These combined resources have allowed earlier intervention for any injured employees, as well as improving service delivery for non-work related injuries and illnesses, with improved clinical outcomes for patients at the Sierra Rutile clinic.

Iluka did experience an increase in serious potential incidents (SPIs) with a total of 76 being recorded against the 2018 total of 47. The increase in numbers of SPIs, where an incident or near hit had the potential outcome of a fatality or serious complex permanent disabling injury, may to some extent be a reflection of improvements in the assessment of potential risks. Regardless it remains a key area of focus for continual safety improvement across the Iluka Group, including implementation of two frontline safety initiatives in 2020.

Safety initiatives

In 2020 we are focusing on minimising the severity and frequency of injuries through implementation of two key frontline safety initiatives.

(1) Safe Production Leadership

The Safe Production Leadership initiative is a ‘back to basics’ behavioural leadership and competency building programme aiming to improve our frontline effectiveness through focusing on competency, engagement through visible leadership, responsiveness and major risk management.

Key objectives:

  • Frontline leader capability – enhancing Iluka’s frontline leadership knowledge of operational risks, and actively managing these risks by the application of effective controls; and

  • Increased visible field leadership – influencing positive leadership interaction, focusing on acceptance, treatment and control of workplace health and safety hazards.

(2) Critical Control Management (CCM) Programme

The CCM programme seeks to formalise the minimum controls necessary when conducting high risk work. CCM narrows the focus onto critical controls that have the most impact on preventing fatalities in the work place.

Safety performance summary

Leading indicators

We also use leading indicators to improve our performance. These range from field based safety visits and workplace inspections,  to the reporting of near hits and hazards.
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