We aim to manage our waste and product materials through mining and processing to ensure they are handled, stored and disposed of appropriately. Our most significant waste stream is mineral waste; our operations handled approximately 27 million tonnes of material in 2019, comprising overburden, rock, and mine and processing tailings.

Mineral waste is defined as materials removed from the mine void that are separated from the valuable minerals over various processing stages. These are handled, stored and disposed of according to their properties, environmental factors and regulations. Many are returned to the mine as part of landform restoration.

Tailings management

Where mineral waste is contained in a slurry form, Iluka utilises engineered tailings storage facilities (TSFs) either within mine voids or off-path storage. Mineral wastes stored in TSFs include clay fines, sand tails, co-disposal (sand and clay) tailings, and tailings from mineral separation and synthetic rutile plants.

Mining tailings failures around the globe have reinforced the efforts mining companies must make to ensure best practice tailings management. We recognise
the potential risks TSFs present to our people, our communities and the environment and we are committed to the safe and responsible management of our TSFs.

We take a risk-based approach to the management of our TSFs, none of which are currently constructed using upstream raised methods. All of Iluka’s TSFs are constructed using downstream method or final height embankment, and are managed in accordance with ANCOLD guidelines which include internal and external risk management protocols. Internal risk management protocols include risk focused surveillance systems/processes, internal geotechnical risk reporting and tailings/water management focus meetings. Geotechnical auditing of TSFs is undertaken by internationally reputable geotechnical specialists and forms part of Iluka’s external risk management protocol.

During 2019, Iluka contributed to the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative, an investor led engagement to enable a better understanding of the scale of social and financial risks associated with tailings storage facilities. Iluka’s response Tailings Management Overview is available on our website www.iluka.com and information stored in the Global Tailings Portal.

Global tailings portal
Waste management plans
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