Iluka uses an event management system to record environmental incidents, which are then classified according to the severity of the potential impact to the environment. Level 1 incidents have no or minimal impact and Level 5 incidents have the greatest potential or actual cumulative impact over time. Iluka’s environmental incident performance is connected to all employees incentive plans and the company’s sustainability improvement targets. Incidents which are classified as Level 3 or above are reported to the Board, for review of the incident event, investigation of key learnings and close out of improvement actions.

For 2019, there were zero major environmental events (Level 5 as defined by Iluka’s incident classification matrix) and no prosecutions or fines issued. There was a 35% reduction in Board reportable incidents, with the Iluka Group recording 13 Level 3 and above environmental incidents for the year, down from 20 in 2018. The majority of these were attributable to spills (hydrocarbon and storm water) and had negligible long-term environmental impact. No Level 5 environmental incidents were reported.

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