Our business activities create direct and indirect economic benefits to countries and communities in which we operate, including: 
  • employment opportunities; 
  • investment in community infrastructure and services; 
  • taxes, royalties and other payments to government;
  • payments to landowners and community groups (i.e. statutory development funds, surface rent payments);
  • local procurement supporting community businesses; and
  • community support through sponsorships and partnerships.
A summary of the economic value generated and distributed from Iluka’s activities in 2019 is provided below. We support the transparent disclosure of our taxes, royalties and fees to government and recognise this forms part of our economic contribution to the regions in which we operate. Our taxes paid constitute a significant part of our economic contribution to the main countries in which we operate. Iluka’s payments to government for taxes and royalties is provided separately in the Tax Transparency Report. In 2019, we paid a total of A$206.8 million in taxes, royalties and other payments to governments. For further details on tax payments, tax strategy and governance framework refer to the Tax Transparency Report available on our website.

2019 Economic contribution

Economic impact assessment study - Australian operations

In 2019, Iluka conducted a study to gain further understanding of the economic contribution that the business has in relation to current operations. Based on 2018 data, the study focused on the direct spend and the flow-on broader economic impact, determining the total economic impact of our operations on their relevant region, state and country. The socio-economic baseline data collected for the economics contribution study will be incorporated into regional social strategies and give us an overall better understanding of our current and future potential contribution while helping to guide decisions relating to social investment and impact management. Highlights from the study are detailed in the performance data section, which includes the direct impact and the broader indirect economic impact.




Social investment

Iluka contributes to a range of community programmes and events. Some of these programmes are tied to business objectives, such as employee diversity, environmental excellence and local employment and procurement, while others are influenced by regional and local development priorities.

In 2019, we contributed just over A$1million globally to initiatives in regions where Iluka has a presence, as well as a small number of corporate programmes. Approximately $627,000 funded partnerships, donations an  scholarships in Sierra Leone, while the remaining $453,000 supported community programmes in Australia, Sri Lanka and US. Our social investments are predominantly focused on education and environment initiatives.

Key partners include the Clontarf Foundation, which provides education, life skills and employment prospects to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and SHINE, which supports the education of young women to promote their personal and career development.

Other partners included: 
  • MACA Cancer 200 – a 200 kilometre bike ride supporting the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research;
  • Australian Schools Plus – supporting children in need to make a real difference to their education and their lives;
  • Murdoch University Research Chair- championing biodiversity research;
  • German Development Agency – promoting international cooperation for sustainable development;
  • Iluka Visions – celebrating young artists from WA’s South West;
  • Black Dog Ride – raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention; and
  • Jackson-Feild Behavioural Health Services, provision of behavioural health services for adolescents.
In addition to our social investments, Iluka also makes statutory payments in accordance with community development agreements in Sierra Leone and our native title commitments in Australia. In 2019 these amounts were in excess of $3 million, of which $330,000 are statutory payments made in accordance with agreements in Sierra Leone.

Our social investment strategy and guidelines are currently being reviewed to strengthen alignment between Iluka’s community support and partnerships processes, and validated community needs.

Iluka does not grant applications for support of political activities or make donations to political parties, organisations, incumbents, candidates or any public official.
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