We seek to avoid or minimise project-induced displacement of people in all planning activities. However the expansion of our Sierra Rutile operation has and will continue to result in displacement and resettlement.
Iluka has committed to managing all project-induced displacement in alignment with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standard 5: Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement. This includes avoiding or minimising any adverse social and economic impacts from land acquisition or restrictions on land use and ensuring all affected people are able to improve, or at least restore, their livelihoods and standards of living once resettled.
Sierra Rutile has a Resettlement and Community Development team, headed by a resettlement practitioner reporting to the CEO of Sierra Rutile. A Resettlement Policy Framework was developed in 2018 to provide a locally appropriate, standard framework to govern any displacement induced by Sierra Rutile. This includes physical displacement leading to resettlement, as well as economic displacement requiring compensation and livelihood restoration support.

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