We acknowledge the special connection that indigenous peoples have with land and we seek to work together to build constructive and respectful relationships.
At locations where cultural heritage is identified, a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is implemented to ensure the protection of sites and to meet regulatory requirements. This is especially important when our projects are located on land traditionally owned by, adjacent to, or under customary use by indigenous peoples. In these instances specific engagement is undertaken.
Iluka currently has two agreements in place with Aboriginal people for its Australian operations. Iluka’s Native Title Mining Agreement with the Far West Coast (FWC) Native Title holders has been in place since 2007 at J-A in South Australia. In Western Australia, Iluka has a voluntary agreement with the Yued People for the Cataby mineral sands project.

Both agreements act as a foundation to guide our collaboration and the development of constructive and respectful relationships with Traditional Owners. They include activities such as training and business opportunities, employment, Aboriginal heritage protocols and cultural awareness training while also providing a forum for regular engagement.
In 2018 the team at our J-A site and representatives from the FWC collaborated on a joint submission to the South Australian Premiers Award for Excellence in Diversity. Together, we won the Diversity in Action award for the resources sector category. The award was recognition of the strong relationship between Iluka and FWC to recruit, develop and retain an Aboriginal workforce at our J-A site.
During 2018, there were no incidents of violations involving the rights of indigenous peoples.

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