Our social performance is based on understanding and minimising the potential impacts of our activities on communities and managing social risks to the business. We seek to respect human rights, engage meaningfully with stakeholders and make a positive difference to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. 
Social performance includes the following activities:

  • the identification, management and monitoring of social impacts and risks;
  • meaningful engagement with stakeholders;
  • responsive management of grievances;
  • the sharing of benefits; and
  • addressing location or project-specific social considerations such as cultural heritage management, human rights, local employment and procurement, and resettlement
Compliance with legislative requirements is a minimum standard that should be achieved whilst also striving to perform beyond these requirements where possible. Our global footprint in countries outside Australia has heightened our proactivity in identifying and addressing a broader range of social issues, risks and impacts. This is particularly relevant with our operations in Sierra Leone and project development in Sri Lanka.

Our HSEC Policy and Social Performance Standard guide our approach to working with communities and other stakeholders. The Standard and related procedures provide a framework of mandatory social performance requirements. Sites and projects are subject to periodic assessments and audits, and initiatives to strengthen social performance practice are ongoing.

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