This Report covers our operations globally, comprising exploration, project development, mining, processing and rehabilitation activities. 

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Production Activity

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Find out more about Iluka's 2018 production activity and planned production settings for 2019.

Supply Chain Management

Contractors and suppliers form an integral part of our business. In 2018 we engaged with more than 2,100 suppliers, of which approximately 67% are located in Australia and 33% internationally.  

We support economic development in the communities in which we operate through our procurement processes. Iluka proactively identifies and includes local businesses in tender and sourcing activities, which are evaluated on a range of criteria including, health, safety, environment, technical, service, innovation and value. This approach provides businesses the opportunity to be competitive on total value, rather than just the cheapest price. 

Iluka’s Procurement Policy outlines the company’s approach to procuring goods and services. Before engaging our suppliers we require them to demonstrate that they have effective health, safety, environmental and community systems appropriate to their activities, products or services. Compliance with these requirements is routinely assessed using a risk-based approach.
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