Iluka is committed to being transparent, behaving ethically and conducting its business in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance through its systems and processes.

Our leadership

Iluka’s Board is comprised of six independent, non-executive directors and one executive director (the Managing Director).

Our Board are responsible for the overall corporate governance of Iluka including approving and overseeing our strategic direction, strategies and financial objectives, assessing the performance of management and reporting on performance, including for sustainability. The directors’ review the company's sustainability performance monthly and implemented additional sessions in 2018 to enable increased focus on environmental, social and governance issues.

The Board has a corporate governance framework which complies with the Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations and encompasses policies, procedures and charters. The framework is reviewed regularly and revised in response to changes in law, developments in corporate governance and changes to our business. During the year, this included a review of the key findings on the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. We compared the findings with Iluka’s framework to identify potential gaps and guide future actions. 


The Board has three established committees: Audit and Risk Committee; Nominations and Governance Committee; and the People and Performance Committee.

Iluka also has a stand-alone Executive Sustainability Committee attended by all Executives and chaired by the General Manager – People and Sustainability. This forum met three times in 2018 with key focus areas including:

  • climate change strategy;
  • Human Rights Policy and work program progress; and
  • review of key safety risks.
Performance incentive payments for all employees are linked to sustainability related objectives. The targets are set based on a combination of industry best practice and improvement over past performance.


Iluka's sustainability framework is underpinned by a series of policies that guide behaviour and business practice within the company.

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