Iluka’s approach to environmental stewardship is based on understanding and minimising the potential impacts of our operations on the environment.

Iluka pursues leading practice through all business activities from exploration, planning, research and project development, through to operation, rehabilitation and closure.

We make every reasonable effort to reduce and prevent negative impacts on existing and potential environmental values while enhancing positive benefits for the communities and environment surrounding our operations.

Studies are undertaken to ensure that the environmental consequences of a project are fully understood and residual impacts are adequately managed. The individual environmental requirements of each site are considered and site-specific procedures and management plans are developed in compliance with our HSEC management system.

Sierra Rutile has undertaken a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) of the Area 1 Mining Lease including the Gangama, Gbeni and Lanti deposits within Sierra Rutile’s current operations. The Environmental Protection Agency of Sierra Leone approved the ESHIA together with the Environmental, Social and Health Management Plan, and an Environmental Impact Assessment licence issued was in 2018. These are available to view in the sustainability section of the website: 

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