Indigenous Relations & Cultural Heritage

In accordance with the company’s Stakeholder Relations Policy, Iluka is committed to acknowledging, respecting and incorporating stakeholder rights, values, beliefs and cultural heritage into decision-making processes.

Engagement with traditional owners and representative bodies is a key component of Iluka’s exploration, project development, operations and rehabilitation activities. At sites where cultural heritage is identified, a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is prepared and maintained to ensure cultural heritage sites are protected and regulatory requirements are met. Specific engagement is undertaken if indigenous people have rights over, or special connections to the land where mining related activities are planned or located.

In 2014, as part of the company’s commitment to fostering diversity in the workforce, Iluka established a longer-term target for Australian operations of 8 percent indigenous employee participation by 2018.

In Western Australia, Iluka contributes to two youth development programmes: Clontarf and SHINE. A positive outcome of these partnerships has been the employment of trainees from both programs at the company’s Mid West operations. These traineeships are supported by mentoring programmes to support the students and enhance their development experience with the company.

At Iluka’s Jacinth-Ambrosia mine in South Australia, an Employment, Education and Training Programme has been established to maximise employment opportunities for the Far West Coast community, with which Iluka maintains Native Title agreements. A key emphasis has been on preparing people for mine employment and creating the necessary skills for future career development. The Jacinth-Ambrosia operation has exceeded its initial target of 20 per cent indigenous employment with the 2014 workforce having more than 21 per cent of its people drawn from the Far West Coast community.