Stakeholder Engagement

All of Iluka's operational sites, major projects and advanced exploration activities develop and implement detailed Stakeholder Engagement Plans. These plans identify those individuals and organisations that may have an interest in or be potentially impacted by the company’s operations, to determine the engagement requirements of each.

Engagement plans outline detailed engagement activities, including methods and frequency, key messages, and regulatory requirements, to ensure stakeholders are provided with appropriate engagement opportunities. The plans are also informed by Social Impact Assessments, undertaken to provide the company with an understanding of:

  • appropriate methods and frequency of communication;
  • the attitude towards and perception of Iluka in communities;
  • issues of interest regarding the company’s operations; and
  • community expectations for support and sponsorship activities.

Grievance management

Iluka maintains a grievance mechanism, which allows external stakeholders to formally raise concerns with the company. All complaints are recorded, investigated and responded to in line the Iluka’s Stakeholder Complaint Reporting and Resolution Procedure. Those grievances of a specific risk classification are reported through to the executive and Iluka Board as part of monthly sustainability reports.

Iluka strives to contribute positively to the communities in which it operates. It recognises that, at times, its activities can impact  upon the lives of its neighbours and some groups. Iluka monitors its operations for potential issues or matters of local concern and has site-based personnel able to respond to stakeholder concerns.

In 2014, the Company received 77 public complaints (76 in 2013). The nature of complaints varied, although the majority of the complaints related to operational matters, such as dust and noise.