Emergency Preparedness

Iluka maintains an Emergency and Crisis Management System (ECMS) to ensure a consistent and professional response to managing any emergency or crisis situation. The system is hosted on a secure web-based internet platform that ensures the relevant people are notified, mobilised and kept informed. Actions are then coordinated and communications tracked through a single point.

Iluka applies a risk approach to identifying and mitigating potential emergency and crisis situations at each of its operating sites.

‘Prevent and prepare’ are critical components of the ECMS. Crisis preparedness, through regular training and awareness sessions, is conducted at a corporate and site level. Each site team and the corporate team conduct training throughout the year. 

Prevent Prepare Respond Recover
Take action to reduce or eliminate the likelihood or consequence of a potential event  Plan, educate and practice how to deal with events Activate plans to contain, control or minimise the impacts of an event  Take steps to minimise disruption and recovery times