Iluka strives to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and contractors.

Iluka’s occupational health and hygiene management framework, a part of the company’s environment, health and safety management system, ensures that through appropriate monitoring programmes, occupational health and hygiene risks and hazards are detected, controlled and minimised.  

Site specific occupational health and hygiene risk assessments have been undertaken at each of Iluka’s Australian operations. Site specific risk registers and associated occupational health and hygiene management plans are implemented at each Australian operational site based on reducing risk associated with:

  • continuous and peak noise; 
  • inhalable and respirable dust;
  • ionising radiation;
  • Legionella bacteria;
  • gases and vapours; and
  • chemical and physical agents.  

Iluka undertook an occupational exposure monitoring programme in 2014 to establish a baseline exposure profile of Australian personnel for specific contaminants identified in occupational exposure risk assessments. Other on-going health surveillance activities include employment triggered medical examinations such as: task related, pre-employment, pre-transfer, and pre-secondment and exit. Iluka also maintains health promotion and “wellness” programmes, including mental health workshops which address a range of aspects, including managing work and non-work related stress.