Energy & Carbon

Energy use and carbon emissions are recognised for their economic, social, environmental and regulatory impacts. Iluka aims to conserve energy, measure outputs, monitor impacts and meet current and future regulatory requirements.

Iluka’s approach to energy efficiency is governed by its environment, health and safety management system. The company’s management approach is set out in an Energy and Carbon Standard. The objective of the standard is to maintain and report complete, accurate and transparent energy use and carbon dioxide equivalent emissions data, and identify, assess and prioritise emissions minimisation opportunities, including improved efficiency in energy use.

During 2014, a new energy and carbon reporting system was implemented that will improve Iluka’s ability to measure and report energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Also in 2014, Iluka conducted an Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) assessment of its Western Australian-based South West synthetic rutile operation. Although the legislation underpinning EEO was to be repealed in 2014, the assessment was completed with 12 energy efficiency opportunities evaluated. These will be re-evaluated with the decision to restart one of the synthetic rutile kilns in Western Australia. Work continues on evaluating a wind based resource at Jacinth-Ambrosia, in South Australia.

Energy data for 2014 can be found in the Sustainability section of the 2014 Annual Report.