In July 2011 Iluka established a new trading division, known as Iluka Minerals Trading International or IMTI, focussed on marketing and distributing third party products. 

Contact Person: Owen Gray

Iluka Minerals Trading International
Iluka Resources Limited, Level 23, 140 St George's Terrace, Perth, Western Australia, 6000
Phone +61 8 9360 4770 | Fax +61 8 9360 4777

Main activities of IMTI

  • Sourcing ilmenite from third parties to use as feedstock in Iluka's synthetic rutile production
  • Provide marketing services to third party producers
  • Trading (buying and selling) of products produced by third parties
  • Toll-processing of concentrates and tailings through third party processing plants

Value offered by IMTI

  • Fully supported by Iluka Resources
  • Security and trust in all agreements and transactions
  • Market leading sales and marketing services:
    • provided to producers with limited resources or experience
    • provided to producers who have weak presence in certain markets
    • for non-core products
  • Simple and reliable off-take arrangements to underwrite sales of producers
  • Trade the supply of Iluka products to producers (eg zircon) in exchange for supply of other products produced by those producers (e.g. ilmenite or slag)
  • Access to Iluka's unmatched marketing network for target or global markets
  • Access to Iluka Online Sales
  • Access to Iluka's technical product support team
  • Benefit from Iluka's global market leadership position
  • Strategic focus model offering sustainable value rather than short term high risk opportunism
  • Highly flexible cooperation arrangements

IMTI Business Structure

  • Managed by a dedicated Trading Manager
  • Fully supported by Iluka's global Sales and Marketing team and distribution network
  • Head office based in Perth (shared with the Iluka Resources head office)
  • Further dedicated trading staff to be added and located close to suppliers and customers