Community Information

On this page you will find community-related information pertaining to Iluka's Balranald mineral sands project, including: Community Newsletters, Fact Sheets and Upcoming Community Events.

The first page of each document can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail. All documents can be viewed by downloading the PDF file.

Community newsletters

Iluka publishes regular newsletters on its activities to keep local communities up-to-date. 
Individual newsletters can be accessed below.

NEW - Balranald Community Update - February 2016
  • Iluka_Newsletter_Feb16_p1

Download: Iluka Community Update - February 2016 (PDF, 180KB)
Published: February 2016, 4 pages

This Community Update includes information on a number of topics, including
- an overview of recent activities;
- results from the Balranald Community Attitudes Survey;
- project planning and development activities;
- a forecast of ongoing site works near Balranald; and
- approvals processes for the Balranald Project.

Balranald Community Update - June 2015
  • Balranald Community Newsletter June 2015 page 1

Download: Iluka Community Update - June 2015 (PDF, 168KB)
Published: June 2015, 4 pages

This Community Update includes information on a number of topics, including
- project planning and development activities;
- environmental approvals processes for the Balranald Project;
- community consultation opportunities; and
- a forecast of ongoing site works near Balranald.

Balranald Community Update - October 2014
  • Iluka_Newsletter_Oct2014

Download: Iluka Community Update - October 2014 (PDF, 347KB)
Published: October 2014, 4 pages

This Community Update includes information on a number of topics, including:
- project planning and development activities;
- hydrogeology field trials;
- Iluka at the 5 Rivers Festival;
- recent community consultation and sponsorship activities.

Project Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are regularly developed to help provide detailed project information to our community stakeholders. Current fact sheets can be downloaded or hard copies supplied upon request.

About Iluka Resources and the Balranald Mineral Sands Project
  • IlukaFactsheet_About_Jun2015_Page_1

Download: Fact sheet - About Iluka Resources (PDF, 371KB)
Published: July 2015, 4 pages

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of Iluka Resources and the Balranald Mineral Sands Project. Included within this fact sheet is information on the following topics:
- Iluka’s history in the Murray Basin;
- the West Balranald and Nepean resources;
- key activities of the Balranald Project; and
- the approvals processes and next steps for the Balranald project.

Managing the Balranald Mineral Sands Project
  • IlukaFactsheet_Management_Jun2015_Page_1

Download: Fact sheet - Managing the Balranald Project (PDF, 341KB)
Published: July 2015, 6 pages

As part of the approvals process for the Balranald Project, Iluka Resources has thoroughly assessed its potential environmental impacts and proposed a range of management strategies. This fact sheet provides an overview of some of the considerations for:
- visual amenity, noise and air quality;   
- flora and fauna; and
- land management and rehabilitation.

Water Use and Management - Balranald Mineral Sands Project
  • IlukaFactsheet_Water_Jun2015_Page_1

Download: Fact sheet - Water Use and Management (PDF, 330KB)
Published: July 2015. 4 pages

Iluka Resources recognises that water is an important commodity. In developing the Balranald Project, Iluka has proactively sought to minimise its impact on fresh groundwater resources and reduce its overall water use. This fact sheet provides information on topics including:
- dewatering saline groundwater for mine development;
- water use and licensing and
- the assessment of environmental and competing-user impacts.

Balranald Town site Facility
  • Balranald Fact Sheet - Accommodation Facility (2015)_Page_1

Download: Fact sheet - Balranald Town Accommodation Facility (PDF, ​820KB) 
Published: September 2015, 2 pages

Iluka proposes to construct and operate an accommodation facility at a site on the northern edge of the Balranald township. The accommodation facility is likely to be one of the earliest developments in preparation for the commencement of the Balranald Project. Along with transportation activities, the accommodation facility will be a key area where Iluka interacts with the local community. In consultation with local residents, Iluka is proposing a range of design solutions to minimise any impacts to adjacent property owners, and maximise the visual amenity of the facility. This fact sheet provides an overview of the Balranald Town Accommodation Facility, including:
- on-site development and services;   
- workforce demands; and
- management proposals and approval application processes.

Contact Details

For further information or to request a hard copy of any of these documents, please contact:
Balranald Senior Community Relations Advisor
Allan Kane
Phone: + 61 (0) 8 8300 2000
Address: 11 Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town, South Australia, 5067