The Iluka Plan outlines our purpose, our core, our direction and our values. It is the reference point that guides strategic and business decisions. 
Iluka Plan

It illustrates our purpose to deliver sustainable value  by focusing our core, our values, our direction for the next three years and our direction beyond that.

Deliver sustainable value
Optimise shareholder returns through prudent capital management and allocation.
Develop a robust business that can maintain and grow returns over time.
Provide a competitive offering to our customers.
Protect the safety health and well being of our employees and manage our impact on the environment.
Support the communities in which we operate.
Build and maintain an engaged, diverse and capable workforce.

Our Values

Act with integrity.
Demonstrate respect.
Show courage.
Take accountability.

Our Core

We are an international mineral sands company with expertise in exploration development, mining, processing, marketing and rehabilitation.

Our direction - Next three years
Deliver to grow our future.
Execute our projects.
Excel in our core.
Mature our options.

Our direction - Beyond
Grow where we can add value.
Mineral sand opportunities and diversification.